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Bodymax B2 is an exercise static bike that is not heavy on the pocket either. It comes with an LCD console that displays speed, time, distance covered, Revolutions per minute and most importantly the calories burnt. You also get a telemetric heart rate receiver with it. The tension adjuster helps to change the resistance levels. The sturdy body of the equipment, 3-piece crank and the 13 kg fly wheel keep it stable even during intense workouts. it has an adjustable handlebar and seat which can be adjusted both vertically as well as horizontally. It also comes with foot pedals with strap ons as well as a bottle holder. It is a standard size indoor bike and can fit into any gym or room easily.It also comes with transport wheels that help in easy movement of the bike.

Pungki Yuniawan K.
Pungki Yuniawan K.
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